About Us

Vital Melamins™ is a plant based, whole-herb, vegan supplement line formulated specifically for the needs of Melanated People! NO CHEMICALS, ADDITIVES OR FILLERS. Simply the RIGHT herbs and plant materials with the PROPER dosage of nutrients to boost immunity, cleanse the lymphatic system and help improve the function of our nervous and circulatory systems.

The term "vitamin" refers to VITAL MINERALS. These are the nutrients that our paramount to obtaining, maintaining and sustaining a healthy body. The proprietary blend of herbs in Vital Melamins™ have been formulated to do just that!

Recommended by Physicians and Holistic Practitioners as a plant-based, vitamin supplement company that is dedicated to addressing AND solving the mineral deficiencies within the Melanated Community. Dr. Tracy Nailor, M.D., M.P.H, F.A.A.P, with over 27 years of General Practice and Pediatric experience, stated "Vital Melamins are paramount for preventive care within the Melanated Community. These supplements are a game-changer within the industry and embody the vision of true integrative health."

The vision for Vital Melamins™ was born out of a need...the need to bring healing to the Melanated Community. Our founder, Sultana, who is a Mother, Grandmother and Herbalist was given the idea to begin Vital Melamins when working late one night in her "herb lab."

Over the past several years of treating clients and creating custom herbal remedies, Sultana found that the list of ailments and issues affecting her Melanated clientele, were typically the same. "Joint pain, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. No matter the age, socio-economic status, or level of education, these 'dis-eases' are drastically and negatively affecting our Community in disproportionate amounts."     

Sultana was confident that with the right product line and the right platform to educate, expose and equip her clients with the power of natural herbs and supplements, a resolution to "our" issues was possible. She began vehemently researching and testing formulations until she had the perfect mix of herbal  ingredients that would address the deficiencies affecting our Immune, Nervous, Lymphatic and Circulatory systems-the root areas, that when compromised,,,,, lead to disease. After much trial and effort...Vital Melamins™ was born!

Formulated specifically with YOU in mind, Vital Melamins™ will help to improve your health, restore your vitality and have you turning your back on the prescription drugs that are not only damaging your organs, but that are costing you a fortune!

Become a Carbon Copy of Health and join us as we FLIP THE SCRIPT on the "dis-ease" that is drastically impacting our community. Vital Melamins™ , finally a solution that is ALL ABOUT US! 


Sultana Nailor, B.S, M.M., C.P.H, C.M.H  Founder, Vital Melamins™