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Vital Melamins

Vital Melamins™ Daily Dose Men's Formula

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Men's Daily Vitamin

Studies show that a disproportional amount of Melanated Men are deficient in Vitamin A, C, D, and Zinc. Vital Melamins™ Men's Formula contains the Vital Minerals (shown below) along with the pertinent nutrients in which 86% of Melanated Men are deficient.


  • Take One Capsule daily if you weigh under 150 lbs.
  • Take Two Capsules daily if you weigh over 150 lbs.

Sea Moss (Chondus Crispus) contains 92 of the 102 vital nutrients that our bodies need to function properly.  This powerful herb contains  Such as Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, and Zinc.  Calcium is essential for bone health. Iron and Zinc aid in immune function thus helping our bodies to ward off invaders such as viruses and bacteria. Magnesium aids our nervous system and proper bone function and regulates blood sugar levels and blood pressure. Potassium plays an integral role in making sure all of our cells function properly. In short, Sea Moss aids in thyroid support, boosts immunity, promotes proper digestion/gut health, weight management and lowering blood pressure. 

Vitamin A helps regulate cell growth, aids in the synthesis of red blood cells and is crucial for eye health. Our blend includes Organic Paprika which contains 1627 micrograms of vitamin A per capsule and is rich in iron. The vitamin A in paprika is in the form of beta-carotene, a carotenoid compound that the body converts into the vitamin A form known as retinol

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy Cardiovascular and Immune System. Our proprietary blend contains Organic Orange Peel and Rosehips which provides the recommended daily allowance.

Vitamin D is Low levels of vitamin D are linked to the development of Prostate Cancer, Diabetes, Liver and Heart disease. Alfalfa, Shitake Mushroom, Nettle and Thyme are included in this blend to help support the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorous, which are necessary for strengthening bones and teeth.

The product is packaged in an easy to carry zipper pouch-perfect for travel or on the go!